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The word catastrophic is used to describe injuries that are truly devastating, ones that are unthinkable. Explosions cause catastrophic injuries. They leave survivors with immense physical and emotional wounds, and they have long-lasting consequences. Explosion injuries leave victims and their families with losses that may never heal. In the aftermath of an explosion injury, victims need support, and they should be fairly compensated if another person’s careless or negligent actions caused the explosion.

At James M Gallagher and Associates, our qualified and experienced explosion accident attorneys will investigate your explosion incident and work to secure any compensation you may be entitled to. In the aftermath of a catastrophic explosion injury, you and your loved ones need to secure an attorney you can trust both personally and professionally. We specialize in mass casualty cases such as explosion accidents

Because of our large presence, we are able to provide you with incredible service and communication. We respond to all inquiries in one hour or less, and we are willing to fly to any location in order to meet about your case. We operate on a contingency fee basis — there are no upfront legal costs, and if we do not win your case, you pay nothing.

Explosion incidents can become incredibly complex. In most cases, a person injured in an explosion does not have the resources or experience necessary to properly investigate their case and take on the negligent party.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an explosion, contact our experienced Minnesota explosion injury lawyers today at James M Gallagher and Associates.

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