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Your workplace should be considered a safe place. Unfortunately, several people are subjected to unfair, illegal, and unethical conditions by their employers. Some of these affected people do not know their rights in the workplace and are often scared of speaking out for fear of retaliation. This is regarded as a labor violation under state and federal laws and can lead to lost wages, benefits, undue stress, and missed opportunities for advancement. Unfair labor practices can take several forms, including harassment, wrongful termination, and discrimination. Our employment attorneys at James M Gallagher and Associates are well versed in the laws guiding the worker-employer code of conduct and are willing to help with your case. If you believe you have a solid case or an incident and wish to pursue it legally, reach out to us to represent you.

Our attorneys negotiate and obtain settlements on behalf of employees and workers and are willing to bring class and collective action, as the case might be. Also, we review severance and other employment agreements for executive managers and professionals. We also specialize in representing retirees seeking retirement and pension benefits under the provided benefit claims of the state. Our clients are also privy to counseling on welfare and pension plans about benefit fund administration.

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